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About Us


About Us

Our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Şemsi Kopuz, established the ŞMS KOPUZ Group of companies in 1997, departing from the KOPUZ family group of companies founded by his father in 1974 due to the industry's rising successes. This company serves as a strategic bridge that brings together raw material producers and final manufacturers in many countries worldwide.

Between 2002 and 2022, Şemsi Kopuz served as the President of the Turkish Federation of Food and Beverage Industry Associations, contributing significantly to important milestones in the sector. He currently leads the Confectionery Manufacturers Association, continuing to shape the industry.

Our General Manager, Mr. Burak Kopuz, has been enhancing the synergy of our group for the past 10 years by defining the company's corporate identity, vision, and implementing innovations within the management personnel. Our management strategy emphasizes corporate culture, and in line with this, we have adopted the Japanese continuous improvement philosophy known as Kaizen principles.

The mission of our group is to be a leading partner in the Industrial Food Industry, both domestically and internationally, in accordance with the principles set forth by Şemsi Kopuz, a prominent figure in the Turkish Food Industry with a rich history.

Our group's goal is to achieve controlled growth by adding new distributorships to the national and international supply chain of the Industrial Food Industry, as a requirement of sustainable trade.

SMS KOPUZ Group, with a sales team of 15 people in the domestic market and a customer base that includes approximately 300 clients, including leading corporate companies both in Turkey and globally, such as BUNGE LODERS CROKLAAN, UNILEVER, HARIBO, MONDELEZ, ÜLKER, NESTLE, DANONE, PINAR, ETİ, ALTINMARKA, DÖHLER, POLEN, BİFA, KERVAN, maintains its position at the top of the sector.

ŞMS KOPUZ is a significant school of business for all employees within its structure, adding valuable experience to their professional lives.

Furthermore, the KOPUZ family regularly allocates a portion of the company's income to support Social Responsibility Projects and Charitable Organizations.

From The President

"The data shows that Turkey's food and beverage industry, which fulfills its duty in the nutrition of the Turkish people, is walking towards the future with safe steps."

Şemsi Kopuz Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
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Our group's mission is to be the primary partner of the Industrial Food Industry, both domestically and especially internationally, following the principles of Şemsi Kopuz, who has a long history in the Turkish Food Industry.

Our group's goal is to achieve controlled growth by adding new distributorships to the national and international supply chain of the Industrial Food Industry as a necessity for sustainable trade.

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Saray Mah. Akgül Street En Plaza No:1 Fl:2 34768 Ümraniye / İSTANBUL

Tel: 0 216 314 66 61 - 62

Marmara Region

Berat Kasarcı

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Aegean Region

Remzi İler

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Central Anatolia Black Sea Region

Erdoğan Kavak

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Kenan Köşger

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